Gated, Condo, and Grand Lake Area Communities   
      Because so many people do prefer  maintenance free housing at Grand Lake it was suggested that we prepare a list of all the Gated and Condominium communities available. One of the unusual thing about some of these is many listed as a condo are actually free stand homes with condominium bylaws. Most are located on Monkey Island however there are a few others around the lake.

We will be providing some pictures, general information, price ranges, and a map location for each one. We hope you find this helpful as well as informative! Thanks for the input!!! 

Click on the links below to learn more and / or see properties for sale in that area
                    NOTE: *** DENOTES A GATED COMMUNITY 

                               WHEN VIEWING PROPERTIES THERE IS A "MAP" TAB IN THE UPPER RIGHT SIDE               

All Grand Homes For Sale         All Waterfront Homes For Sale

Grove                                        Other Area Gated  Communities 
Meghan Coves ***                             Two Tree Island ***
Cedar Oaks                                       The Vintage ***
 Melody Point ***                                                Apache Shores ***

Duck Creek                                The Points ***
Harbors View  ***                              Gran Tara                                     
Spinnaker Point  ***                          Grand Lake Town
The Coves ***                                    Grand Point

Monkey Island                          Area Towns
Beacon Hill ***                                 Grove
Brighton Bay ***                               Ketchum
Heritage Point ***                             Langley
Hi-Point ***                                       Cleora
Jack's Hide a Way ***                         Disney
Island Park ***                                  Tia Juana

Mainstay ***                                     Wyandotte
Newport Village ***                          Jay

Shangri-la Chateaus ***
Shangri-la Estates ***                       Eucha
Silver Key ***                                    Afton
St. Andrews ***                                 Vinita
St. James Club ***                             Miami
White Chapel ***                              Zena
Vista Towers                                    Fairland
The Cliffs

Port Duncan

​Grand Lake Homes For Sale