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[Grand Lake Visitors Guide] The Grand Lake Association (GLA) was formed to further the individual and common interests of its members and all people residing or working in the Grand Lake Area and the four counties surrounding the lake. Also, to aid in building a receational area second to none. There is a visitor center on hwy 59 providing a tremendous amount of information and brochures highlighting the sights and activities in the the Grand Lake area and more. The Grand Lake Association also produces an annual Visitors Guide covering the Four - County Region of Grand Lake which is free to the public.


[Grand Lake Association Visitor Center] The Service of the Grand Lake Association (GLA) to the entire Grand Lake area has been a proud one over its long history. Formed in 1953 by a few farsighted individuals, the Association has grown in both business and individual memberships.

The GLA was formed for the purpose of doing a job that is too big for individual performance. Its main objectives were to further the individual and common interests of its members and all people residing or working in the Grand Lake Area; to implement all agencies and forces working for widespread civic, economical and cultural betterment; to persistently aid in building a recreational area second to none; an area where the vacationer and traveler will be warmly welcomed and enjoy services proportionate with expenditures.

The service to the Grand Lake area by the Association can only be measured in terms of millions of dollars in increased business for the area since its inception. The Association has earned and deserves the support of everyone living in the Grand Lake area. Credited with large increase on the tourism business in the Grand Lake area, the Association’s efforts help ALL businesses whether directly related to tourism or not.

There is abundant evidence to show that the GLA has made substantial progress toward achievement of those goals. Because it has done those things it merits confidence and deserves widespread financial support.

In 1999 GLA Foundation was incorporated as a 501-C-3 not for profit for the purpose of the construction, operation and maintenance of the Grand Lake Visitors Center. The building was built with donations from a great many businesses and individuals in the community at large. The new Visitor Center opened its doors in August 2000.

For an official Grand Lake Guide contact:

Grand Lake Association, Inc.
9630 Hwy 59N Ste B
Grove, OK 74344
918-786-2289 phone
918-786-3386 fax 

You can also visit the Grand Lake Association Website